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Burggraaf x Sultan
***** RETIRED *****


Burggraaf x Sultan

Year: 2001

Color: Black

Height: 1.71m



Blanche - Tenerife VDL x Burggraaf
Corina - Upgrade x Burggraaf
Darwin - Odermus R x Burggraaf
Future - Vivaldi x Burggraaf
Precious HVL Z - Pino x Burggraaf
HVL Piccolo Culo - Pino x Burggraaf

Urana is a ster mare with lovely long lines…a big scopy mare by Burggraaf x Sultan! She has had 4 foals so far. One of her offspring Corina by Upgarde is currently jumping 1.35m level in Holland and showing great scope to go further in the sport. Another offspring Darwin is now jumping 1.30m. 2 of her other foals were used with dressage stallions and one did very well at a kwpn selection! Urana herself has a superb step!

Sire Burggraaf was very successful in the heavier classes of the National Stallion Competition, of which he won the finals and six of the seven rounds. Later he was an international showjumper with Roelof Bril; they cleared the 2.10 m during the puissance of Indoor Brabant in 1991 and in 1993 they were reserve champion of the 1.40 class for KWPN stallions. Burggraaf has a very high jumping index of 152 points.
Burggraaf’s sire is the top breeding stallion Landgraf I, who produced over 50 approved stallions and over 70 state premium mares just in Germany, and heads the German yearbook with the total winnings of his progeny of over 6 million D-Marks. Burggraaf’s dam’s sire is the famous sports horse producer Cor de la Bry who holds second place in the German yearbook with total winnings of around 2 million D-Marks.
Sire Sultan Sultan is a leading KWPN breeding stallion, born in 1976.  He comes from the famous ‘Reina’ line, also called Burga-stam.

Sultan gives both dressage and show jumping qualities to his children. His offspring include some of the worlds leading show jumping horses including the legendary It`s Otto who was so successfully competed by Geoff Billington winning many Grand Prix`s as well as competing at two Olympic games. In dressage he has several approved sons such as: the KWPN stallion Bustron [Sultan - Eros], NAWPN stallion Charmeur [Sultan - Ronco xx] and the NRPS stallion Sultano [Sultan - Roemer]. Sultan’s daughter Jaguar [Sultan - Doruto] was an international dressage horse.
Sultan won advanced dressage and show jumping competitions and became champion of the Dutch tournament stallions.  His pedigree has a strong French weighting, since both his sire Marinier and also his great sire Artilleur were Selle Francais.  Sultan’s dam sire Joost was approved under the name of Conus in Holstein.  Sultan was also the sire of Corde who was ranked among the top German sires of Dressage horses in the FN-breeding value rating.

Videos of her offspring jumping can be seen below:

Ladykiller XX


Landgraf I


Cor De La Bryere








Cartoonist XX


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