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Narcos II x Grannus


Narcos II x Grannus

Year: 2001

Color: Black

Height: 164cm


A.Come Again - Come On x Narcos II
Buenos Dias - Ustinov x Narcos II
Fiesta M - Cicero Z van Paemel x Narcos II
HVL Lucky Strike - Orestus x Narcos II

HVL Air Springs - Air Jordan Z x Narcos II

Udana M is a compact mare with a superb step…a real blood horse! She is a 1/2 sister to our other broodmare Wiana M! Two of her offspring jumped 1.40m level.
Udana M has also a half brother that jumped 1.30 m level called A Chin Chin M. Also a half sister to her Liana M bred a 1.60m World Cup horse called Omni Star! Another half sister N Quita Z has bred 4 Grand Prix horses One 1.60m,1.50m and two 1.40m! This is a top motherline and a superb fatherline as well!!
Sire; Narcos II - After reaching the finals for Young Horses at Fontainebleau, 3rd in the four-year-old championships, 1st in the five-year-old championships, 1st in the six-year-old championships, he made a brilliant start to his international career with Eric Navet at all the major European venues and also in the U.S. Chosen to compete in the Seoul Olympics and has been a regular competitor in international competitions from Calgary to Hickstead. In 1991 won the European Young Riders Championship. Has won numerous puissance classes which included a record jump of 2.25 metres. His career was interrupted in 1987 by laminitis. It was two years before he could compete again at national level. Ridden by Florian Angot in 1994, he won the European Junior Championship. For several years, Narcos II has been placed as Best Sire of Young Horses for four, five and six-year-olds at Fontainebleau. Thanks to the winings of his offspring, he took second place as French Stallion of the Year in 1994, 1st place in 95, and second in 96.
Grannus - not just a name but a symbol, a trademark. A symbol of a potent individual with an aura only a very few are blessed with a lifetime total of well over five million DM so far the off-spring of this glossy black Hanoverian stallion which include seven Olympic horses and more than 60 approved stallions, have made him one of the greatest sires in the world.

See video Below of her offspring Buenos Días (Ustinov x Natcos II) that jumped 1.40m level and Fiesta M (Cicero Z van Paemel x Narcos II) Grand Prix 1.45m level.


Narcos II

Fair Play III

Ma Pomme



Il Pleut Bergere





Lagune 34



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