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Contender x Reichsgraf

CONTENDRO I - For the fifth year in a row, he is the world's No. 1 sire of winners in Eventing and has ranked among the world’s top 25 sires in show-jumping for the past eight years! His first offspring in France are the best in their generation in all fields: foals, three-year-old championships, stallion licensing shows, auctions ! He is definitely a safe bet!


Contender is a true foundation Sire in Germany. 
Rankeded 65th best Sire of winners in CSO and 9th in the CEC on WBFSH ranking in 2018. Among his best products winners in CSIO: Chiara 222,53th in 2017, 13th in 2015, Team Silver Medal at the 2013 European Championships, 3rd of the GP finale World cup in Omaha, 4th of GP CSI5* of Paris in 2017 with L. Beerbaum; Casper 63th in 2016, CSI5* with S. Wordley, winner of the GP 1,55m of Tryon in 2016 and 2nd in 2017; Carlo 273, winner of CSI5* GCT in Estoril, Berlin, 2nd with Valkenswward in 2017, Olympic Games of Rio 2016; Cool and Easy ranked 45th in 2016, winner of the GP Longines of St Gall and 2nd of the GP Rolex of s-Hertogenbosch, finalist World cup with H-D. Dreher; Checkmate, World championship, European Chapionship and World cup with M. Michaels-Beerbaum; Dillinger, CSI5* with D. Coyle…
He also produced the performers in Eventing Under Suspection, ranked 88th in 2018, CCI4* with D. Schrade; Vitali CIC3* with J. Avery and RF Eloquence, Contessa, Continuity, Celeste…

Sire of performers as Montender, Bronze medal by team and 4th into individual at the Olympic Games of Athens, Team European Champion in 2005; Controe, World cup finalist; Colore, ranked 143th in 2016, winner of the CSI5* of Doha… and Chellano Z, 3rd of the 7 years World championship, Contango, Concerto I and II, Con Air, Continue, Conterno Grande, Cannabis Z, Corisco, Castellini, Catwalk van of Helle…

He is also good Dam Sirein CSO and Dressage with more than 50 classified Elite daughters in the Holstein.
Bravo has 8 other products: 
•Caretano (Caretino holst), international performer, 7 year old World champion in Lanaken, finalist World cup with J. Lansink ; 
•N-Caretana (Caretino holst), CSIO5* with N. Schurtenberger ;
•Casello BB (Carvallo BB holst), CSI 1,45m* ; 
•Contendro II (Contender holst), sire, CSI3*, Sire of Brighton, 4th of the GP 1,60m CSI4* of Valence with T. Foster ; 
•Cassito (Cassiano holst), holsteiner Sire
It is the holsteiner Dam line 104a in which one finds the stallion Cranach, Salvatore, Copenroth… 


17e in the WBFSH Sires Ranking
For 7 years in world TOP 20 with more than 350 winners in CSI, GCT, World cup, CSIO: 

•Cold Play, SILVER MEDAL BY TEAM AND 8th INTO INDIVIDUAL AT THE WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES OF TRYON, 74th performing world 2018 with F. Jonsson 
•Skara Glen' S Presence, victorious of the GP CSI3* in Tryon, 4th of the Nation Cup of La Baule and Dublin with P.O' Shea 
•Cool Hand Luke 4, 2nd of the Nation Cup in Rotterdam, Victorious of the GP CSI4* of Hagen with M. Beerbaum 
•Conthendrix, victorious of the GP CSI5* of 1 million $ in New York with A. Thieme •Codex One, victorious of the GP GCT CSI5* of Berlin, 2nd in Valkenswaard with C. Ahlmann •Contendros 2, 4th of the GP CSI5* of Wellington with A. Azcarraga •Hunters Conlypso II, CSI4*-W with L. Gallagher •Cosby, 5th of the GP 1,60m with the CSI4* in Munich with W. Muff 
•Queen Mary 10, 6th of the GP 1,55m with the CSI3* of Offenburg with J. Wernke 
•Cinsey, 3rd of GP CSI4*-W of Al Rayyan with A. Zorzi and Contiki, Captain, Copperfield 40, Constar, Carlson 93… 
N°1 in Eventing WBFSH Sires ranking in Eventing for the 4th consecutive year 
•FRH Corrida, 23th world performer 2018, Worldwide games of Tryon with A. Dibowski 
•Chipmunk FRH, 34th world performer 2018, World Equestrian games of Tryon with J. Krajewski, winner at the CICO3* of Aix la Chapelle and CCI3* of Brahman 
•Chatwin, CHAMPION of the USA, winner of the CCI3* of Elkton with F. Thieriot Stutes 
•Gateway, 2nd of the CIC3* of Aiken with Douglas Payne 
•Candy Girl, 2nd of the CCI3* of Sopot 
• Choclat, CCI 7 years with M. Jung 
• Diva de Vision 
• Conqequent Pia • NZB Campino, 4th of the CCI4* of Badminton with M.Todd • Revitavet Capato…
His first offspring bred in France were aged 3 in 2018 and they were the best in their generation in all fields: foals, 3-year-old championships, stallion licensing shows, auctions…
In France: Family Affair is sold 100,000 €, Fangio des Lys 47,000 € at the Fences Elite Auctions; Florida de la Cense, Favela des Forêts, Félicie d’Argouges, Frénésie Manciaise and Flower du Mesnil make a raid at the 3 years competition of Saint-Lo; Fast de Denat is Champion of the Hopes in Eventing and Fierzel Duverie is 4th. 6 standards are approved SF at the stallion competition of which First de la Folie 6th. Gabbana Laumaie is 8th of the 2-year-old fillies French Championship. Fidji de Flusel is 4th, Firstlady des Ailes 7th of the 3 years Championship of Lyon. Idomeno d' Axthycat is Champion of France of the young male and Illico de l’Isle is 5th. 


Contender x Reichsgraf

Year: 1997

Color: Dark Bay

Height: 1.68m

Service fee: Booking Fee €350 + 10% VAT 

Pregnancy Fee €1500 + 10% VAT

Stud Fee; €1850 + VAT LFG. Initial deposit of €385 inc VAT(non refundable) before insemination. Balance of €1650 inc VAT due when mare is scanned in foal.















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