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Argentinus x Matador

Air Jordan Z is simultaneously ranked among the best sires of young horses in France and among the best sires of top performers in the world! He brings strength and propulsion. Don’t miss out on his last straws!


Argentinus, hanovrian, Top of the list of sires of winners WBFSH in 2005 and 2006, Sire of international performers like Arko III, winner with Nick Skelton, 10th of the Olympic Games of Athens, twice finalist of the European Championships and the World cup, winner of the GP CSIO of Calgary, Dublin, Lucerne, Rome, Anka, winner of the finale of the World cup in 2003 with M. Ehning, All Star 5, 24th world performer WBFSH 2015 with D. Lynch, Annabella, Athos, Banda de Hus, ISO 163(11), Anastasia III, CSI with B. Twomey, Adrienne, Athos, Special ED, Grace Argentina, As Good As It Gets… He also produced winners in Dressage such as A Jungle Prince, Albano, Aquilino, Athos M, Justin Tyme, Rafalca 61th world rank WBFSH 2012 and in the CEC: Twizzl, 52th world rank WBFSH 2012…
Mandoline, is also the mother of Air Jordan Alfa Z (Argentinushann), clones of Air Jordan, 13th at the 5 years World championship with C. Ahlmann. Matador’s daughter, hanovrien, Sire of more than 300 winners in CSO of which international Classical Modern, Magun, Magnum, Manitu..
Mandoline, daughter of Matador, sire of more than 300 international winners in CSO It is the hanoverian family n°844 


# 57th WBFSH ranking in CSO in 2019. For the 4th consecutive year in the top 100.
Placed 9th of the 2019 Sires of young of horses in Fontainebleau.  



Among his offspring : Darkhorse Brimbelles ISO 137(19) Winner of the 6 years old SF Master, Diego Tame ISO 140(19) 14th at the 6 years old French Championship, licensed Excellent, Dairzel Duverie ISO 132(19), Dynamite de Riverland ISO 125(19) 11th at the Pompadour CIR, Douglas du Gué ISO 136(19) 7th at the CIR of Rosières, Darshan de Tatihou ISO136(19) Very Good, Djordania du Tillard ISO 136(19), Delph de Denat ISO 136(19), Dandy de Fuyssieux ISO 133(19), Don Juan du Bois ISO 127(19), Dakota La Hubert ISO 129(19), Delice de B'Neville ISO 129(19), Decade de Longa ISO 126(19), Dragann des Loges ISO 126(19), Dyneine de Lilau ISO 126(19), D'Une Ile de Batz ISO 123(19)...
In the 5th years old generation : Exquise Peguignon ISO 129(19) 13th of the 5 years old French Championship, obtained the Excellent label, Elvinea Dorcel ISO 129(19) Very Good, Emir du Chanu ISO 130(19) 7th at the CIR of St Lô, E Mail de la Chapelle ISO 126(19) 4th of the CIR of Compiègne, Endiablo de Hus ISO 130(19) winner of the CIR in Pompadour, Elixir des Rondets ISO126(19), Everest du Milon ISO 126(19), Elodie de Boisy ISO 122(19), Ebony des Rondets ISO 121(19)...

AIR JORDAN Z was classified best Sire at the 3 years Old Selle Francais stallions in 2017.

His first offspring are shining at the international :
- Identity Vitseroel and C Vanderhasselt are 5th of the GP 160 CSI5* GCT in Chantilly, 6th of the GP 1,60m at the CSI5* of Villach Treffen, 3rd of the Nations Cup CSIO5* of St Gallen, 4th of the 160 CSI4* in Hagen, 1st of the Grand Prix CSI3* in Bonheiden 2019. They are also 3rd of a 155 test at the CSI5* of Brussels, 4th of a 155 test at the CSI4* of Gross Viegeln...
- Alfa Jordan and Max Kühner are 2nd of a 160 test at the CSIO5* of Calgary, twice clear in the Nations Cup CSIO5* of Falsterbo, 4th of a 155 test CSI5* of Villach Treffen, 8th of a 150 test at the CHIO5* of Aachen in 2019. They are also 4th of the GP CSI4* in Wiesbaden, 2nd of the Power at the CSI5*-W of Mechelen...
- Am'ice Z 3rd of the GP 160 at the CSI5* of Saugerties, 5th of the GP CSI-W of Colombus, 8th of the GP world Cup 155 of Las Vegas under the saddle of Charlie Jayne.
- Australia ISO 163(19) is 4th of a 150 test at the CSI4* of Rouen, 1st of a 145m at the CSI 2* of Knokke, 1st of a 145m test at the CSI 2* of Bourg en Bresse, 2nd of a 140m test at the CSI 2* of Bourg en Bresse, 1st of the GP 145m of Canteleu, 8th of the GP 145m in Saint-Lo, 5th of a 140m test in Saint-Lo, 1st of a 145m test at the Grand National in Deauville, 2nd of the GP 145m test at the Grand National of Deauville and 7th of a 145m test at the CSI 3* of Vilamoura with his rider Timothée Anciaume.
- Volupte de la Jarthe ISO 156(19) 6th of a 150 test at the CSI4* of Rouen, 7th of the GP 150 CSI3* of St Lô then 7th of a 150 test at the CSI3* of Deauville with Clément Boulanger.
- Velair de la Nutria ISO 138(19) CSI 150 with Alberto Sanchez.
- Atlantic Z and Kevin Gonzalez de Zarate Fernandez won the GP 145 CSI2* of Santanderand are 3rd of the GP CSI2* of Madrid, 5th at a 150 test at the CSI4* of La Corona...
- Uneven Sunheup was 2nd of a 145 test at the CSI2* of Oliva and 7th of the GP with B. Briand Chevalier
- Uschka du Tassier ISO 150(18) was 4th of a 150 test at the CSI4* of St Tropez with Paul Delforge.
- Udaipur Ennemel ISO 142(19) winner of Grand Prix 140m at the CSI of Vequigneul with Baptiste Rodriguez. 
- Airforce Sbk Z was 5 years old finalist in Belgium in Gesves with Jan Vermeiren, Amadeus De L'Eau in the 7 years old with Sam Polleunis.


Argentinus x Matador

Year: 1996

Color: Dark Brown

Height: 1.70m

Service fee: €660 inc vat for 1 straw frozen semen















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