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Dominator Z x Padinus

Defender VDS Z, a blend of genetics for the top of the sport!
A once-in-a-lifetime horse, with his extremely athletic ability, phenomenal attitude and superb jumping technique.


Defender VDS Z is the future for showjumper breeding. He has everything to be able to make a huge contribution, both in breeding and in international show jumping. In terms of conformation, jumping ability, canter and pedigree, Defender VDS Z is the embodiment of the modern show jumper. His father Dominator 2000 Z is the ‘breeders darling’ of Zangersheide. Right from his approval on, Dominator covered many mares and now he lives up to high expectations. At just ten years old, he is a superstar in the ring with Christian Ahlmann and already has several approved sons in various studbooks.

In 2020 breeders know that the dam line has more significance to the quality of a stallion than his sire. This definitely is the case with Defender VDS Z. Through top sire Padinus, his dam Atureusa S, who jumped internationally at 1.40 level herself, is a granddaughter of the legendary Heartbreaker. Further in the dam line well-known stallions like Calvados, Le Mexico and Lucky Boy XX.

Atureusa S is no coincidence. This is evident from the fact that she is the half-sister to the 1.60 jumping Dereusa S and the approved stallion Etoulon VDL, who now jumps at 1.50 level. In the direct dam line we find many more top show jumpers, like Illusion and Oteusi, who both were successful at 1.60 level and the 1.50 horse Re Mexico. It is clear that this branch of the renowned Koteusi-lineage is bursting with jumping talent. More examples are the 1.60 horses Amareusa S, Broken Heart and Corleone. Approved stallions like Kazan Z, Oakley AEG and Le Kannan come from this same top family.

Defender VDS Z has been approved at Zangersheide during the spring inspection and has been selected by KWPN for the performance test. His performance at both shows was exceptional. He impressed the crowds with his technique and reflexes. This in combination with a fantastic canter, balance and attitude completes the picture. With this stallion you breed the winner of the future!


Dominator Z x Padinus

Year: 2017 

Color: Black

Height: 1.73m


€1200 + VAT (10%) LFG

(€300 + VAT booking deposit - non refundable

and €900 + VAT when scanned in foal)

No ICSI allowed

Le Tot de Semilly

Diamant de Semilly

Dominator 2000 Z

Venise des Creseles

Cepale 2000 Z

Cassini I




Atureusa S





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